Shingle Roofing

Most Common Shingle

Roofing Systems

  • Shingle System Components

    • Underlayment - Felt vs Synthetic vs PSU

      • Felt paper comes standard in 15lb and 30lb. Those numbers are a reference to how much 100-square feet of the paper used to weigh back in the early days of its use. The actual weight-per-square foot these days is actually less than the label says, but the 15 pound. and 30 pound. name stuck.  They contain a heavy organic mat and high saturation of asphalt adding to the physical weird and durability of felt. This is the most cost effective underlayment approved underneath shingles and tile roofing systems

      • Synthetics are woven or spun from either polyethylene or polypropylene. While the ingredients are similar, the manufacturing process and thickness of each type of underlayment can be fine-tuned to produce different properties, such as exposure time and walkability. Often secured with plastic caps, synthetics are more durable, more resistant to keep water out of the roof and are now considered to be a step above a regular felt based products. Synthetics are approved under all residential roofing systems

      • PSU (Peel n Stick Underlayment) is a true membrane system composed of two waterproofing materials—an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive backed by a layer of high density cross laminated polyethylene. The rubberized asphalt surface is backed with a fold-less release paper that protects its adhesive quality. During application, the release paper is easily removed, allowing the rubberized asphalt to bond tightly to the roof deck. This is the premium roofing underlayment given that its a self sealing membrane system on its own, basically giving you a first layer of roofing before you ever install your singles, metal or tile roof systems


  • 3-Tab Shingle Systems

    • Previously knows as the "25 Year Shingle", manufacturers have created a durable shingle that is budget friendly and easy to install. Of all the systems this is the basic package that is sold. ​

  • Architectural Shingle Systems

    • Commonly referred to as a "30 year Shingle", these shingles have been changed to Limited Lifetime shingles.

    • This is a two-piece laminated fiberglass- based shingle that often will try and mimic the dimensional appearance of natural wood or slate

    • These often coming in standard colors and "Max Def" colors that will create a brighter/higher contract of darks and lights with in the shingle system

    • These systems also with carry a 100mph wind-resistance standard 

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