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Owners Sam and Anna Mott with their children.

Wimberley Roofing was founded by the Mott family in hopes to focus on giving back to the local community through quality relationships and long lasting workmanship. Our family prides ourselves on always being honest and available for those in need within the Texas Hill Country. 

With over ten years of experience from repairs, complex custom homes and large commercial structures, we have the expertise and support from the industry to take on any projects you may have. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to working with you!

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To boldly serve our communities and industry through Christian centered principles
and blue-collar workmanship.


To follow in accordance with our faith, by beginning each day with a focus on our hearts, teams and those in our community. We put others' needs before our own. We focus on eternal treasures not dollars. Attention to customer service and detail is our primary focus. We leave no work unfinished and never leave a customer without resolution. We are honest, thoughtful, and transparent in all situations. Communication is key to living out these principles. Loyalty, enthusiasm, and initiative are critical qualities we value and reward. Educate and maintain core values for the next generation. Setting new standards for an industry in need of leaders and mentors. Continuing to be flexible and knowledgeable as technology
advances and products evolve.


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Wimberley Roofing proudly services the I-35 corridor and all of the Texas hill country.

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